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Commercial Recycling Services

Federal International provides commercial waste management and recycling services to businesses, municipalities, schools and other organizations. We do not own a landfill and part of our problem-solving solutions involve substantial cost savings for our customers. Cost reduction comes from not having to pay haul charges to carry waste to the landfill, eliminating landfill costs and other charges. Our rebate program for recyclables is among the industry's best, so please ask us how it can work for you.

Recycling Management Portal

Federal International offers a cloud-based materials management system to help customers track receipts, shipments of materials, environmental impact calculations, scheduling and pricing information. Each customer has a customized account providing real-time information and breakdown per environmental category.

Programs and Initiatives

The recycling programs and initiatives offered by Federal International are revolutionizing the waste services industry. From our company-owned recycling plants to our international brokerage to our team of internal and outsourced providers that crisscrosses the globe, we are uniquely well-positioned identify and achieve all your waste, recycling, and sustainability goals. Federal International is the waste service industry leader.