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Simplify Your Recycling & Waste. Make More Money.

You want your waste stream out of sight and out of mind. And that’s our goal.

Federal allows you to forget about it. We’ll take care of your
recyclables and your trash — getting you the most money for your recyclables, slashing trash costs, and reducing your carbon footprint for the good of us all.

Nationwide Recycling Services

Federal International, Inc. works with printers, manufacturers, distributors, retail chains, and other businesses across the U.S. to optimize their recycling programs. We're hands-on: analyzing your current program, finding ways to recycle new materials, developing methods to more efficiently handle your current recyclables, and implementing strategies to maximize your revenue. We have the size and scale to handle any sized company; we can even integrate the recycling program with a solid waste program.

Simplify and Save Money

Federal International offers a simple solution for every type of recyclable your company generates. We provide you with the easiest and most cost effective means to recycle your paper, boxes, plastic, metals, and computers. Typically, we can handle all of these commodities on the same pick up. Discover how we can make a difference; request a free audit today for a no-cost, no-obligation proposal.

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Nationwide Waste Services 

Waste Remedies, a division of Federal International, Inc., is a full-service waste broker that will save you money on your trash bill. We address ineffeciencies in the system to optimize your service levels, find the best hauls, and audit monthly invoices. With Waste Remedies, you pay less for better service. Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions about how Waste Remedies waste brokerage works to save you money.