3 Steps to Maximize Commercial Single Stream Recycling (+ Save Money)


You already know about single stream recycling; it's the process of mixing all your recyclable materials together in the same bin to be carted away by your solid waste hauling provider. But are you taking full advantage of the benefits of commercial single stream?  Our partners that maximize their diversion rate save a significant amount of money on waste hauling bills both by:

  • Eliminating landfill tipping fees. These vary quite a bit across the coutnry but average $45/ton nationwide. How many tons of waste do you pay tipping fees for each month? How much can you stand to save?

  • Right sizing their service. Increased diversion can result in as much as a 30% decrease in the volume of your trash, so you can also save money with smaller containers and/or less frequent pickups are needed. Don't every pay to haul air!

 Here's our simple 3-step plan to maximize your commercial single stream recycling:

  1. Place large recycle bins or gaylords at every single location that recyclable materials are generated. It's a simple step that increases rates of diversion dramatically. Make sure the bins are emptied in a large central recycling dumpster or compactor every day.gaylord.jpg
  2. Label each container clearly indicating the type of material your employees can dispose of there. 
    • Paper and cardboard, aluminum in any form, and plastics numbered 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 should always be diverted to your recycling stream.
    • Plastic film, shrink wrap, and polystyrene are all recyclable but aren't accepted by some recyclers; consult your waste partner to determine your best options.singlestream2.jpg
  3. Make actual trash cans smaller or eliminate them entirely in favor of centralized refuse stations. trash_the_trash.jpg

If you generate over 5,000 lbs per month of cardboard or paper or over 2,000 pounds of LDPE or LLDPE per month, you can earn cash back on those commodities. Learn more about optimizing your recycling program by clicking below to read our free, no-obligation report

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