Recycling Success Case Study: Fewer Hauls, Bigger Bins for a $24K Annual Revenue Impact


"Right sizing" is about getting the greatest value from your trash and recycling service by maximizing your container size and minimizing the number of pickups. Cost savings can really add up when you find the right balance. Here is a case study illustrating how one of our partners, a window manufacturer based in the midwest, achieved a $25K annual revenue impact through right sizing.

During our waste and recycling audit, we examined at their existing service levels for waste and recycling. Here's their level of service when we stepped in:


  • Solid waste: 10 yard pickup, 5 times per week = $648.33
  • Solid waste: 10 yard pickup, 3 times per week = $403.71
  • Solid waste: 8 yard pickup, 3 times per week = $330.67
  • Solid waste: 20 yard pickup, on-call:

$138.6 (monthly rental) 
$337.85 per pull up to 3 tons
Anything over is an additional $38.29 per ton

  • Recycling: 8 yard pickup 3 times per week = $422.58

We calculated they were paying a gross monthly total of $1943.89, before their recycling rebate. Subtracting their monthly recycling rebate of $193.05 for a net monthly expenditure of $1750.84.

During the audit we identified missed recycling opportunities that could generate revenue. We were able to consolidate solid waste pickup by right sizing trash equipment. We also identified benefits by using compactor boxes for recycling. As a result, we were able to propose the following right sized trash and recycling equipment and new service levels:

  • Solid waste: 8 yard pickup 1 times per week (food waste / misc. glass) - $75
  • Solid waste: 8 yard pickup, on call -
    • $65.00 per pick up (estimate every other week for miscellaneous waste)
    • This container has no rental fee unless serviced.
  • Recycling: 3 yard stationary compactor, monthly rental = $650
  • Recycling: 40 yard compactor box, monthly rent = $35
  • Recycling: 40-yard compactor, on call (estimate 1/ month) = $300 per haul, no disposal charge
The new gross monthly total expenditure is $1060. Because of the increase in recycling, the new current monthly recycling rebate averages $1386.

Instead of SPENDING a net of $1750.84 per month, this partner started EARNING $326 each month.

The bottom line:
  • Annual Savings on Trash Service = $10,606 
  • Annual Increased Recycling Rebate = $14,316 
  • Annual Total revenue impact = $24,922 

Right sizing your trash and recycling equipment is just one way we help you save money on trash and increase revenue from recycling. Download our free report "7 Proven Ways to Increase Recycling Revenue" to learn more.

7 Proven Ways to Increase Recycling Revenue