How to Maximize Revenue from High-Volume OCC Commercial Recycling


You're already generating significant revenue from your high-volume OCC commercial recycling program, but did you know there's room to earn more money from the same volume? In our recycling audits, we often find ways our partners can maximize revenue by making a few simple adjustments. Here is a roundup of our best tips and tricks that will help you squeeze every dollar you can from your cardboard waste:


Proper bale weights:
Produce mill-sizes bales weighing between 900 and 1100 pounds. Lower weight bales will be broken apart and rebaled before they are sent along to the paper mill, and that extra step cuts into the amount you receive for your material.


53ft.jpgSafe and heavy trailer loading:
Follow proper loading procedures. To remain cost-effective, you need to be able to load your trailers to achieve a minimum of 40,000 pounds. Click here for our tips on safe and heavy trailer loading procedures. Buyers normally pay freight, so they want to make sure loads are nice and heavy. 

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balewire.jpegProperly tied bales:
Properly tie your bales using no less then 6 wires each. Bales tied with only 2-3 wires tend to break apart during normal handling, and deliveries that includes loose cardboard will either be refused or will downgrade the price you receive. 

Quality material:
The quality of your materials is also key to better pricing. Under no circumstances place contaminants such as wax or Asian cardboard in with your OCC.

lading.jpgCreate accurate bills of lading:
Accurately states the grade, number of bales, and weight of each bale on the bill of lading that accompanies each trailer of material. 



Live load your trailers:

You receive a better overall price for your material if you can store your bales and live load them onto trailers instead of spotting a trailer. You generally pay the cost of the trailer unless you're generating more than 1 trailer load of OCC per month.  

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