Missed Recycling Opportunities That Cost You Money


Commercial single stream recycling is cheaper for your company than waste hauling, but even if you already have a program in place, chances are you can recycle even more to save. Here's how:

Start off by taking a look inside your dumpster . . . what do you see? Paper? Plastic? Batteries? Printer cartridges? Empty soda cans? Make a list.

Now determine where are those recyclables being generated. Except for in your facility kitchen and bathrooms, you can replace every trashcan with a commercial single stream container. It's all fair game, from magazines and metals to used oils from compressors, mould machines - even cooking oil can be recycled. Savings add up fast when you move weight and volume away from your trash stream and into your single-stream recycling. Tipping fees (dump fees) average between $45 - $75/ton, but depending on where you're located can run as high as $160/ton. 

Here are three commonly missed recycling opportunities:



  • Plastic Buckets

    Plastic buckets and barrels are typically made of high-density polyethelyne (HDPE) with a resin code 2. It's the most durable and most commonly recycled plastic, and as it's in high demand it's quite valuable. Your recycler should be happy to take them off your hands; contact them to find out the best method for both of you.


Taking advantage of missed recycling opportunities is only one way to save money on your trash. Learn other way to increase recycling revenue today by downloading our free white paper:

7 Proven Ways to Increase Recycling Revenue