How to Partner with a Waste Consultant to Save Money


cutyourbill.jpgCommercial waste hauling is expensive, there’s no doubt about it. And because it’s a necessary cost of doing business, there’s a perception that the amount you pay each month is a fixed cost … but that’s not entirely the case. You can easily save a significant percentage off of your monthly bill while keeping your relationships with existing haulers intact by partnering with a waste consultant. Waste and Recycling is our business, so we have the inside track on what your fees should be and how to right-size your service to avoid paying to haul air. Save money while staying focused on your primary business. Waste consultants will oversee all of your byproduct needs helping you to become more sustainable along the way.

It's easy to partner with a waste consultant to save money on your monthly hauling fees. There is minimal time involved on your part. And we average 17-22% savings for most of our clients, so reaching our to talk to us is an easy decision. This is all you need to do to start saving:

  1. Make an appointment to talk with one of our waste consultant.
  2. Provide them with 12 months’ worth of waste hauling invoices. Note: since consultants are not waste haulers its OK to share your invoices. They will audit the invoices for you, looking for overcharges, inappropriate fees, and misappropriated taxes.
  3. Meet to hear how much your monthly savings can be.
  4. Based on our proposal, you decide whether you prefer a shared savings plan or, in some cases, you may prefer to received a guaranteed percentage of monthly savings.
  5. Sign an agreement giving us permission to take over your waste hauling bills. Then we take over! You’ll see your first savings within 30 days. Remember, we only earn a percentage of the savings we can derive for you. If we can't find savings, we earn nothing.

Depending on the size of your company and the number of decision-makerswe’ve found the timeline from proposal to signed agreement takes upward of 14 days. Savings can be substantial: one partner, a food manufacturer, saved on average $10k per month. Another client, a manager of carpet retail stores has saved 76k in the last 18 months. And in this case study, you can find out how our partnership saved one company a total of 1 million dollars over a 4-year period:

Renegotiating Waste Contracts Saved  1 Million Dollars Over 4 years

The next step is yours; request our no-obligation waste and recycle audit and start saving money with no extra time committment or oversight on your part.