Presses and printers: 5 ways to make more money from your recycling


Presses and printers: even though you have long-standing recycling programs in place - actually, BECAUSE you have long-standing programs in place - you stand to benefit financially from learning how to optimize. Here are 5 ways we've found for you to increase your recycling revenues:


1. Consolidate paper grades for the current market

Grades and values change over time, so maintain an ongoing dialogue with your recycler in order to correctly adjust your recycling program in order to earn the maximum possible revenue.  For example, a decade ago there were 17 different grades. Now there are 5: 2 printed grades, 2 unprinted grades, and cardboard. Printers that are still investing in the floor space and labor to sort out numerous tie up valuable floor space and risk losing valuable commodities to the waste stream because of human error and confusion. 

Case Study:  Consolidating paper grades = 144K Annual Revenue Impact   

2. Dilution is the solution

What do you do with that “bad” paper you can’t recycle? You don’t have to pay to divert it into your waste stream. There’s an allowance for some small quantity of contaminants in each bale of your high quality recycled grades; for instance, hot melt, UV ink, and hi-bright can all get diluted into your print mix. Discuss with your recycler what percentage of each bale can be contaminants, otherwise your bale will be downgraded and you’ll be paid a lower amount.

3. Verify you’re NOT being paid for mixed paper

Mixed paper is a specific grade that generally covers the low-quality mix generated from single-stream recycling. No printer – in fact, no business that generates pre-consumer paper – should be generating this grade.

4. Load your trailer to maximize the available space

Make your trailers safe and heavy, and don't pay to haul air.


5. Audit your monthly reports

Auditing your monthly report assures that the weights and grades for which your recycler paid you match your records for the grades and quantities you generated. (If you're not keeping track of your own weights and grades, click here to find out why you should be keeping track of this valuable information.)

For other tips on increasing recycling revenues as well as saving money on waste hauling fees, download our free, no-obligation white paper today:
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