Q & As on partnering with a waste consultant




cutyourbill.jpgCommercial waste consultants are in the business of saving you money each month on your solid waste hauling fees. It seems like an easy decision to save money by partnering with a waste consultant to save money on your solid waste hauling fees.. But reaching an agreement to save money by partnering with a waste consultant can take some time, especially in a company with multiple decision-makers. Every manager involved, whether dock, purchasing, operations, plant, supply-chain, or engineering, brings their own set of questions and concerns. Because time is money, we’ve prepared this list of questions and answers to streamline your decision-making process. 

  • How much will this cost us?
    Nothing. We don’t charge you a dime, in fact, we only make money if you save money.
  • So how do you get paid?
    We earn a portion of the money you save each month. Some partners choose a shared savings plan, and others go with a guaranteed percentage when applicable.
  • How will this disrupt our daily business?
    It won’t. Once you agree to partner with a waste consultant, we begin monitoring your monthly invoices looking for unusual charges and hidden fees such as fuel surcharge fees, environmental fees and administration fees. We negotiate waste hauling contracts on your behalf, and we make recommendations to right-size your trash so you avoid paying to haul air. We do nothing to add another layer of work in any department and do nothing to disrupt your status quo.
  • What about our existing haulers?
    You keep all of your existing haulers and those relationships you’ve built. We’re only in the business of saving you money, not hauling your waste.
  • How much time is involved?
    Initially, just the time involved to gather 12 months’ waste hauling invoices and listen to our proposal. There is no extra work after an agreement is signed. In fact, we are often able to streamline the work of the dockworkers, janitors, and others who handle the waste and recycling at your company.
  • What’s the downside?
    There is no downside! We guarantee you will realize cost savings within the first 30 days after signing an agreement with us.

Remember, your savings will start within 30 days of a signed agreement.  Read about how we were able to find savings of 24K per year for this partner: Fewer Hauls, Bigger Bins =  24K Annual Revenue for Manufacturer


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