Where do the recyclables go?


Federal International works diligently to provide the best and final use for all recyclable commodities. Our recycling efforts turn waste back into consumer products.  For example, we turn:

  • paper into tissue
  • styrofoam into building materials
  • plastics into lumber and carpet
  • metal into reusable metal
  • glass into utility bedding
  • electronics into valuable commodities

The process is simple – no matter how the material comes to us, we work to source, separate,  process, and ship it to a mill to be made back into a product. This process of recycling is good for the environment, puts people to work, and makes money for everyone. We look to be “green” one customer at a time.

Typical recycling commodities we process include:

  • EPS (styrofoam)
  • E-scrap (electronic scrap)
  • Electronic circuit boards
  • Plastics
  • OCC (cardboard)
  • Fiber (papers and cardboard)
  • Metals
  • Single-stream processing (residential recycling)
  • Paper Shredding services

Federal International will work closely with you and provide a consultative approach to developing and implementing recycling and waste diversion strategies. Download our white paper “7 Proven Ways to Increase Recycling Revenue” to learn more.
7 Proven Ways to Increase Recycling Revenue