Renegotiate Waste Contracts to Cut Costs: A Case Study


negotiate2Renegotiate waste contracts: it's one easy way to immediately reduce your waste management overhead. Even if your contracts aren't yet up for renewal, there's often room to work with your hauler to save money. 

Here's a recent example of how our experienced waste management services helped one company save a significant amount of money. Our client is a property management company with 125 locations in eight states. When we partnered with them as their waste management company, they had a existing service agreement in place that had been recently renewed. We were still able to negotiate an immediate 20% savings for the remainder of the contract.

Later, as their existing contracts neared their expiration dates, we negotiated further, saving this partner over 1 million dollars over a 4-year period!

We were successful in renegotiating already discounted waste contracts because we:

  • Understand local labor, transportation & disposal costs
  • Call our partners (your current vendor's competitors) and get their prices
  • Hold your current vendor responsible to match current local costs

Even if you live in a franchised state, waste management companies can still work on your behalf to right-size containers and set appropriate collection schedules as well as look for missed recycling opportunities.

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