Save Money by Right Sizing Your Trash


Would you sign up to have air hauled away from your business? That's essentially what happens every time your hauler takes away a dumpster or compactor that's only partially full. Save money by "right sizing" your service. Right sizing is about getting the greatest value from your waste hauling service by maximizing your container size and minimizing the number of pickups. 

There are three simple steps to right size your service:

  1. Make sure everything in your dumpsters or compactors is actually trash. We've found that, in general, 50% of everything thrown away is recyclable but only 20% is captured. Chances are, you can reduce the volume of your trash by 30% just by maximizing recycling opportunities. You still have to pay to have single stream recyclables hauled, but there's no dumping fee. In some cases, you could even negotiate a rebate if your volumes of some commodity, like OCC, are high enough.
  2. Are you on a regular pick-up schedule or do you call for a pick-up as needed. This is a process most people don't want to manage, but with available technology you don't have to ask an employee to stick his or her head in a dumpster. Put a monitor on the container, and you'll get an email when the volume reaches a certain level. THEN call for a pick-up. This way you won't pay to haul air.
  3. Look at every invoice for overcharges. Compare charges against your contract or franchise rate. 

If you don't have the resources to right size your trash containers yourself, a waste broker can do the work for you. Find a waste broker that works on a shared savings plan; they only make money if you SAVE money. 

Click here to read about how we were able to help one company save $25K annually by right sizing their service. 

Waste Remedies, a Federal International company, saves customers over 3 million dollars per year in trash hauling fees. Whether you live in a franchised area or not, we always find some cost savings to you. Contact us today at (314) 732-0194 or fill out this form to request a free waste audit and see how we can partner with you to save you money. 

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