Save Money on Your Trash Bill in the Residential Housing Market


1.5_Section_1_-_Keeping_your_haulters_honest.jpgIt's easy for residential housing market professionals to save money - usually a significant amount - on your monthly trash bills by partnering with a waste management company like Federal International.  Under a shared savings plan customized to your needs, you can realize savings up to 35% on your monthly trash bills. How? We do all the trash-related work of property managers and maintenance staff. This allows them to refocus on their core objectives; keeping units rented and running smoothly. 

1.5_Section_2_-_Maximize_your_loads.jpgA full-service waste management company handling your trash service will:

When you partner with Federal International, a single phone call puts you in touch with your dedicated 3-tiered team of 1.5_Section_4_-_One_company_one_phone_call.jpgwaste professionals who work together to save you money in different ways

  1. Your customer service rep handles service-related questions like scheduling and pickup frequency.
  2. Your client advocate handles questions or issues your rep can't resolve.
  3. Your account manager identifies opportunities for savings and handles relationships with haulers.

It doesn't take much to get started. Click here find out how.

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