The Future of Recycling Management is "The Internet of Things"


How much more recycling revenue could your company generate if you were warned of contaminated material collected in a gaylord? How much money could you save if your dumpsters told you when they were full? That type of connected future is happening now with the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a development that gives networked connections to objects so that they can send and receive data. For your business or corporation, that means you can manage, monetize, operate, and/or extend the value of your operation. And guess what? That includes recycling and waste management. Some of the possibilites:


It's possible now to use IoT technology to gather real-time data on your recyclables – valuable company assets – to know how to best manage and monetize them. Gather real-time data on your waste stream to reduce fees. This is happening now. For example, through the use of IoT technology:

  • Residential waste volume in Cincinnati fell 17% and recycling volume grew by 49%
  • Finland saw a 40% reduction in waste fees

Global networking leader Cisco Systems is one company on the forefront of the IoT. In this video, Cisco CEO John Chambers and Chief Demonstration Officer Jim Grubb demonstrate some practical applications behind this game-changing recycling and waste management technology:




Federal International has always been about changing the way we approach waste and recycling to significantly increase revenues and decrease costs; technology developed by Cisco Systems and other companies is the newest tool in the box. Find out other ways to earn more revenue from your recyclables by downloading our White Paper: "7 Proven Ways to Increase Recycling Revenue."