Live Load or Spot a Trailer: Which is Best for Your Commercial OCC Recycling Program?

By Maggie Caldwell | January 29, 2018

How and where do you store baled cardboard before it's hauled away? The method you choose can have a significant impact on the reveune you earn from your commercial OCC recycling program. And unfortunately, it's not always clear how to make the most cost-effective decision. The logistics of commercial OCC recycling are sometimes tricky with several factors to take into account. Considerations include: the volume of OCC you generate each month, available storage space at your facility, they type of business, labor costs

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Choosing a Baler

By Maggie Caldwell | August 5, 2014

Any type of company - manufacturers, distributors, printers, retailers, or some other type of business - that generates a minimim of 10 tons (20,000 pounds) recyclable commodities each month should invest in a baler. Choosing the right baler for your volume allows you to streamline your recycling program and maximize the revenue you receive from your recyclable materials by:

  • forming solid blocks of individual commodity: old corrugated cardboard (OCC), plastics bottles, plastic film and shrink wrap, etc.
  • doubling commodity value when you process it yourself
  • allowing you to get rid of excess gaylords, saving floor space
  • maximizing weight of your recyclables so you don't pay to haul air

Balers are a tool in your recycling program, and like any tool it's important to choose the right one for the job. Don't waste money on a baler that does more than you need; for many businesses the simplest choice is the best one. On the other hand, larger volume generators will find that the right investment in equipment helps trim labor costs involved in recycling.

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Advantages of Baling Your Cardboard (OCC)

By Maggie Caldwell | July 25, 2014

A downstroke, or vertical, baler can be a valuable tool in simplifying the recycling program at your manufacturing, distributing, printing, or retail facility. These machines compact old corrugated cardboard (OCC), plastic film and shrink wrap, and mixed office paper into the 60" x 36" cubes accepted by processing mills. Downstroke balers are always a cost-effective investment if you generate:

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