39 Years of Service


Nancy Swoboda

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant Nancy Swoboda works in the Foam Division of Federal International. Having joined Federal in August 1974, she has seen the industry grow and change, especially as the emphasis on recycling grows both domestically and internationally. Nancy is responsible for processing foreign and domestic polyurethane foam scrap shipments and servicing customer and supplier needs as well as interacting with forwarders and freight companies. Nancy is also the personal secretary to our President, Melvyn L. Lefkowitz.

28 Years of Service


Claire Newton

Vice President, Federal International

Claire Newton has developed exceptional skills over the past 21 years with Federal – not only in accounting and customer service, but in managing supply and marketing material as well. In her current roll, she manages all aspects of our accounting and customer service. Her ability to develop strong processes is one of the keys to our outstanding customer service, prompt payments, and strong collections management.

19 Years of Service


Michelle Keller

Customer Service Manager

Michelle has transitioned from customer service to CSR manager to Plant Administration for MO and CO in her time at Federal.  On a daily basis she deals with supplier, customers and carriers, handling potential issues as they arise to guarantee smooth service.  Michelle has seen the business grow during her time at Federal and has enjoyed being a part of all the exciting changes.

15 Years of Service


Edgardo Wente

Commodities Trader

Born and raised in Patagonia Argentina, Edgardo Wente has spent the last 25 years as one of the premier marketers of waste paper in the Southwest U.S. and Central America. He has an exceptional understanding of the Mexican markets and has relationships spanning two decades with many of the buyers.

Edgardo managed the marketing of all the recyclables in the Southwest for both Smurfit Stone and BFI during the 90's and supplied to most paper mills in the central SW and Mexico until joining Federal International in 2001 where he further expanded to domestic, Asian and European markets.

Edgardo is fluent in German, Spanish, English and French.

15 Years of Service


Rhonda Pegg

Customer Service Representative

Rhonda Pegg brings over 20 years’ of customer service experience to Federal International, joining our team as Customer Service Representative after moving from Charleston, IL. She works from our corporate office, handling supplier and customer accounts from scheduling loads to logistics to processing and handling.

She loves sports, especially baseball and the Cardinals, plays softball, and bowls. 

13 Years of Service


Kendra Kemp

VP of Midwest Operations

Sometimes life can take you on an unexpected journey. This is the case for Kendra Kemp. From growing up on horse farms to working in the paper industry, it is no surprise that Kendra is a woman of many hats. Kendra has played a crucial role in the development and growth of Federal’s recycling facilities in both Jefferson City and St. Louis.

After 11 years working in 3 different paper mills, Kendra worked her way up to become Federal International’s Missouri regional manager. Nearly 10 years later, Kendra has shown dedication to Federal’s core values. She is a team player who always works to please her customers.

11 Years of Service


John Daniel

President, Recycling Division

John Daniel has over 14 years of progressively responsible experience in the waste and recycling industries and has direct knowledge of procurement, brokerage, sales, trash hauling and recycling operations. His understanding of both domestic and international brokerage as well as material sales encompasses managing supply sources from printers, convertors, manufacturing, and distribution centers.


James Schulz

Vice President of Sales, Recycling Division

Jim began his career in the solid waste industry in 1978 first as a mechanic then as a front load garbage truck driver. Moving into solid waste sales in 1992 he became a top performer with USA Waste winning the prestigious presidents club award in 1998. He began his recycling career shortly thereafter working for The Peltz Group as a national sourcing broker and then WMRA as the Director of Midwest sales. Now spanning 36 years in the industry, Jim continues his passion for the business by mentoring and developing new talent, developing and implementing new sales tools and marketing Federal as the leader within the industry.

8 Years of Service


Sofia Welsh

Commodities Trader

Sofia Welsh has over 18 years of experience in the waste & recycling industry. She has managed recyclable supply from involuntary & voluntary generators at the local, national and international level.  As a former mill buyer, she understands the importance of quality and the needs faced by suppliers including competitive pricing.  Sofia values building relationships with her suppliers by providing excellent service. Her continued focus on quality, pricing and customer satisfaction has been her model for continued success.

5 Years of Service


Lisa White

Accounts Payable

I have worked for Federal International since 2010 doing Accounts payable.  When I started we had two companies in the states besides corporate for me to pay bills.  Dolphin, MSR ( Jefferson City ), and Corporate ( Clayton office).  Now we have grown with the additions of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, St. Louis, and Denver. I code, enter, and pay bills for 7 companies . The payments are done by wire, ACH and checks. Once these are done, I send remittance of the payments to the vendors. Freight invoices are sent to me, and I match them up with the P.O.’s in the system.  I enter them, and pay them weekly. Statements from vendors come daily, so I go thru which invoices I have and call for the ones I need.  I transfer credits from A.P. to A.R. I am back up for office duties when other accounting people are gone. Such as printing stamps, mailing, and receptionist.


Becky Lawson

Account Manager

I am a seasoned  Customer Service professional and have been doing this for over 20 years.  I started working at Federal International in June of 2010 as a Customer Service/Account Manager.  I have done the direct export for Federal, trained a couple Customer Service Rep and worked the scale house in Houston for a couple weeks until they hired someone.  In the last year I have added on accounts with Waste Remedies in addition to working the Federal recycling accounts.  I support the inside sales team and their customers,  provide a superior service experience and meet or exceed goals.   I am recognized as a flexible and adaptable team player,  a self motivator and excellent at problem solving.