How To Cost-Effectively Recycle EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)


Expanded polystyrene, EPS, is essentially just air-filled plastic foam. But the very quality that makes it so useful - its light weight - also leads to its extremely low recovery rate. For example, a 53' trailer filled with loose EPS weighs less than a ton, so the transportation fees to move it to a recycling facility are higher than the commodity value. 

However, EPS is highly recyclable and very much in demand; it has a value of about $350/ton. It CAN be effectively recovered and recycled. The answer: foam densification machines. Densifiers safely pull out the air from the material and compact it into manageable sizes. 

  • epsOne pallet of densified EPS weighs in at about 1,000 pounds. 
  • Densified EPS takes up much less valuable space in your facility
  • Recycling your EPS reduces your solid waste bill
  • Recycling your EPS increases your revenue stream. 

Is recycling your EPS right for you? The lease payment on densification machines start at about $300 per month. If $500 or more of your solid waste hauling bill goes toward EPS, it's worth the investment to recycle .

EPS densification is safe. It does not contain CFCs or other materials that will outgas when densified. 

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7 Proven Ways to Increase Recycling Revenue