Slash Your Commercial Trash Bill in a Franchise Market


cutyourbillSmart waste management always saves you money, even if you are locked into a franchise waste market ... even though your solid waste hauling fees are non-negotiable. Just because prices are fixed, DON'T make the mistake of thinking your waste hauling bills have to be fixed as well. Trash service is NOT a fixed utility. There's always money to be saved when you manage your service by right-sizing your waste. Sometimes we find the cost savings to be pretty phenomenal; the monthly trash bill for one of our partners in a franchise area went from $18K to just $4K! 

Fewer Hauls, Bigger Bins = 24K Annual Revenue Impact

To figure out how to slash your commercial waste bill each month, track these three metrics: the weight of your containers, the frequency of your pick-ups, and your rate of diversion. 

  1. Weight
    How much weight are you getting into each container? Your trash bill should give you that information. If your bins aren't full, you're just paying to haul air.
  2. Diversion 
    What is your monthly diversion rate? Calculate this by dividing the weight of your recyclables by total weight hauled. 
  3. Frequency of pickups 
    One a week pickups is always cheaper than twice a week service, no matter what the weight of your containers. It's cheaper to increase your container size than request more frequent service.

Now follow these tips to reduce your commercial trash bill:

  1. Schedule your own pick-ups: Your hauler is not doing you any favors by swinging by once or twice a day to empty your containers ... you're paying good money for that level of service. Set your own pick-up schedule and don't pay them to haul air. 
  2. Consider switching from dumpsters to compactors. If you have three full 8-yard dumpsters getting picked up once a week, there's a high likelihood pressuregaugea compactor is the more cost-efficient way to go. 
  3. If you are already using compactors, learn to manage your hauling fees. 
  4. Install pressure gauges on your dumpsters and/or compactors. That's the best way to know when the weight is full. Maximize the weight on each container for best value.
  5. Increase your monthly diversion rate. The more weight you divert away from your waste stream and into your single-stream recycling, the more money you will save. Sometimes waste diversion can be found in surprising places. Read about one of our partners, a major food manufacturer, who saved $86K per year by diverting used turkey bags away from their waste stream. 
  6. Don't want to spend the time and energy to find your own cost savings? That's not a problem; it's our specialty. Partner with a waste consultant or broker who will find cost savings and manage your service with no additional investment of your valuable time. 

Diversion is just one key to saving money on waste hauling fees and increasing recycling revenue. For more ways to save, download our free report, "7 Proven Ways to Increase Recycling Revenue."

7 Proven Ways to Increase Recycling Revenue