7 Ways To Save On Your Apartment Building Trash Compactor Fees


As an apartment manager, you are probably always looking for ways to save money on the upkeep of your property. Did you know that the expenses associated with your apartment building trash compactor are among the easiest to cut? So we will look at some of the most practical waste management tips you can utilize to reduce expenses related to your building's trash disposal.

1. How to lower the haul rate

lower haul rateThe haul rate for trash collected in your apartment complex may differ from company to company. Therefore, the following steps can help you navigate the different options available and to find the best price available to you: 

  • You can begin by contacting various hauling companies in your area.
  • Ask each hauler for their gate rate.
  • The more companies you have this conversation with, the more informed your decision will be regarding a reasonable amount to pay the hauler you eventually choose.
  • During this process of collecting various prices, consider contacting different types of companies (both national and local; both small and large).
  • Pay attention to the various types of agreements associated with each company. Agreements more than three years long may save you money only in the short term but actually cost you more in the later portions of the agreed time period, keeping you bound to the company for longer than is financially beneficial.
  • Beware of companies that demand agreements with automatic renewals. These also keep you bound to the company in ways that may be detrimental long-term.

As you collect the pertinent data regarding costs and agreements with various hauling companies, you will be able to discover what is likely to work the best for your building and your finances. Furthermore, the more companies you have such information about, the more leverage you gain when it comes time to begin negotiating with a company.

2. How to lower the disposal rate

Like the haul rate, the disposal rate can also be quite different from landfill to landfill. It is also a negotiable rate in most situations. Therefore, the process in seeking to lower your disposal rate is identical to that outlined above for the haul rate. Collecting as much information as possible from as many different landfills as possible is the first step in reducing the amount you pay for this aspect of the cost related to your apartment's trash removal.

3. How to lower the cost of your apartment trash compactor equipment

  • stationary-compactorSeek unused equipment to help ensure long-term use.
  • It is usually most cost-effective to obtain the equipment on a lease-to-own basis.
  • Pay off the lease as quickly as possible in order to be free of the consistent lease cost.
  • Find a third party company to conduct the maintenance necessary for the apartment building trash compactor.
  • Always follow a prescribed schedule for preventative maintenance to help avoid unnecessary equipment problems and the costs associated with such problems.

4. How to lower additional fees and charges

avoid-fees-and-chargesHaulers are very often known to add extra costs as part of agreements without explanation of those charges' purposes. However, these hidden fees are often avoidable since you have the ability to negotiate with haulers. When you begin working on the contract with the hauler, you have the right to include a clause in your agreement that does not allow the hauler to add such fees. As such, the hauler will be bound to this agreement and you will be free from any concern over unnecessary costs. Furthermore, if you have worked with a company in the past and have been subjected to these fees, you have the right to ask for any of that back. Granted, if there was no clause explicitly stated in the contract, the company is not bound to grant your request, but it is nevertheless within your rights to ask.

5. How to reduce the costs related to the weight in your apartment trash compactor

Weight is usually the greatest factor that yield significant savings. 

  • Avoid having any less than 7 tons of trash hauled.one-plus-monitor
  • The more trash your equipment can hold, the less hauling you will require.
  • Be familiar with your hauling company's schedule and policies so you can ensure that they do not come any more often than you need them.
  • Make sure the haulers do not take any load smaller than 140psi.
  • Keep an accurate gauge at all times to avoid unnecessary hauling.
  • Consider a OnePlus monitor which indicates when a compactor is full, thus avoiding unnecessary service from your hauling company and making the whole process easier for both you and the haulers.



6. How to minimize costs by promoting recycling over waste

recyclestationGenerally speaking, trash disposal is more expensive than the removal of recyclables. Once you have have confirmed that this is accurate in your situation, communicate with your tenants that the recycling program exists as they will more than likely want to participate for the well-known environmental benefits of recycling over trash. You can place a receptacle for recyclables in a location that is easily accessible for all residents, and ensure that it is properly labeled, visible, and and large enough to minimize the number of hauls. 

7. How to minimize the costs through the service guarantees

Remember that the service agreement you made with the company for trash hauling gives you the right and the power to hold that company accountable to consistently uphold its promises made in the contract. For example, if the agreement states that the hauler will pick up the day after you call for a pick-up as long as you do so before 3pm, they must always fulfill that guarantee. If they fail to meet such a standard of your agreement, it is costing you money that you do not need to spend. As such, it is important that you are always aware of any breeches to your contract in order that you can either receive compensation for the hauling company's oversight or end the contract and seek the services of a more reliable company.

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Knowing that you always need to find ways to save money on the costs related to the apartment complex you manage, looking to reduce the expenses trash collection is one of the most significant ways to save a great deal of money. These tips on the haul rate, delivery rate, equipment lease, hidden fees, weight management, recycling and the contract with the hauling company should all help towards that goal of saving money.


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