Recycling Success Case Study: Fewer Hauls, Bigger Bins for a $24K Annual Revenue Impact

By Maggie Caldwell | November 21, 2014

"Right sizing" is about getting the greatest value from your trash and recycling service by maximizing your container size and minimizing the number of pickups. Cost savings can really add up when you find the right balance. Here is a case study illustrating how one of our partners, a window manufacturer based in the midwest, achieved a $25K annual revenue impact through right sizing.

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Case Study: Additional $144K Annual Revenue Comes From Optimizing Recycling Program

By Maggie Caldwell | November 14, 2014

Optimized recycling is about keeping labor costs low, setting up intuitive programs, and maximizing the amount of valuable grades you generate. Almost every single recycling program we see can be optimized in one of these ways, resulting in a combination of greater revenue for recyclable materials and/or lower waste and/or labor costs.

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