The Green Challenge: Corporate and Industrial Waste Diversion

By John Daniel | March 17, 2014

Here at Federal International we are passionately committed to diverting more than 90% of commercial waste away from landfills.

That’s our promise and it’s why they call us Mother Nature’s Workforce. We firmly believe every business, school and government organization in this community and others nationwide can do a much better job with the waste we create.  We don’t own a landfill and will do everything we can to find a way to recycling any type of material before imminent disposal.  Our Green Challenge Recycling Program is all about helping your organization meet or beat a 90% recycling rate.

It’s easy to get started. All you need to do is make contact with us by registering for the challenge below. We’ll call you and conduct a brief interview to gather some information. Then we’ll send out one of our professional recycling auditors to assess your waste stream. We’ll probably take some pictures and provide you a environmental impact report – your Green Challenge Report Card.

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