Presses and printers: 5 ways to make more money from your recycling

By Maggie Caldwell | June 5, 2015

Presses and printers: even though you have long-standing recycling programs in place - actually, BECAUSE you have long-standing programs in place - you stand to benefit financially from learning how to optimize. Here are 5 ways we've found for you to increase your recycling revenues:

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Benefits of Commercial Single Stream Recycling

By Maggie Caldwell | October 24, 2014

Did you know your company can save money on waste hauling charges? DIVERSION is the key. Companies large and small in any business sector - whether manufacturing or distribution, wholesale or retail, eduction or tourism and more - CAN PROFIT by moving every ounce of weight away from the trash cans and into single-stream recycling bins. You may find you don't even need trash cans anymore

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10 Office Supplies Made From Recycled Content, So Recycle Better

By Maggie Caldwell | October 3, 2014

A committment to recycling involves more than just tossing paper and cans in a bin for others to collect. It means you're committed to closing the recycling "loop" and buying products made from as much recycled content as possible - an action that creates demand for recyclables and reduces demand for raw materials. 

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If You Aren't Buy Recycled Products, You Aren't Recycling!

By Maggie Caldwell | April 16, 2014

You believe in recycling. You can’t, in good conscience, toss a soda can in the trash. Your recycling bin at home is overflowing by trash day each week. At work, you diligently sort paper, plastic, and glass into the proper bins. You are our teachers, our corporate management, our small business owners, our children, our parents. You care about the environment and believe you’re doing what you can to conserve our resources.

But when you go to the store, do you buy toilet paper made from trees? Is your copy paper made from trees? If you don’t buy recycled products, are you really recycling? The answer is a resounding NO! Actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. talked about this in an interview with Marianne Schnall:

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