Save Money on Your Trash Bill in the Residential Housing Market

By Maggie Caldwell | April 2, 2018

It's easy for residential housing market professionals to save money - usually a significant amount - on your monthly trash bills by partnering with a waste management company like Federal International.  Under a shared savings plan customized to your needs, you can realize savings up to 35% on your monthly trash bills. How? We do all the trash-related work of property managers and maintenance staff. This allows them to refocus on their core objectives; keeping units rented and running smoothly. 

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Recycling Success Case Study: Fewer Hauls, Bigger Bins for a $24K Annual Revenue Impact

By Maggie Caldwell | November 21, 2014

"Right sizing" is about getting the greatest value from your trash and recycling service by maximizing your container size and minimizing the number of pickups. Cost savings can really add up when you find the right balance. Here is a case study illustrating how one of our partners, a window manufacturer based in the midwest, achieved a $25K annual revenue impact through right sizing.

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Waste Management Tip: Save Money by Right Sizing Your Trash

By Maggie Caldwell | September 5, 2014

Would you sign up to have air hauled away from your business? That's essentially what happens every time your hauler takes away a dumpster or compactor that's only partially full. Learn one of our waste management tips: how to save money by "right sizing" your service. Right sizing is about getting the greatest value from your waste hauling service by maximizing your container size and minimizing the number of pickups. 

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