Safe Document Destruction

By John Daniel | March 17, 2014

shredding-machineTo guard your data security and keep your company from legal and financial risk, it’s imperative to use a R2 certified facility when recycling your electronics. The R2 certification was developed by representatives from the EPA, state agencies, OEM manufacturers, electronics recyclers, and NGOs to guarantee the highest level of data security as well as proper e-waste disposal. For example:

  • All R2 certified recyclers are required to sanitize, purge, or destroy data on all hard drives and data storage devices.
  • Data destruction processes are reviewed and validated by an independent party periodically.
  • R2 recyclers are required to have a security program in place that is appropriate for the equipment they handle and the customers they serve.

We take the job of guarding your privacy seriously. Our shredding machines provide random cut pierce-and-tear shredding capabilities sized to your specifications. They can shred and destroy hundreds of truckload of sensitive material from credit card statements to computer hard drives with a monthly capacity to process approximately 2,000 tons of shredded paper material 600 tons of non-paper material.

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