Handling Your Commerical Single Stream Recycling

By Maggie Caldwell | January 23, 2015

Diverting as much waste away from the trash and into your single-stream recycling will definitely save you money; click here to read more about the benefits. Once you make a committment to increase your revenue by decreasing your waste, what do you do? 

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How To Calculate the Weight of Your Recyclable Commodities

By Maggie Caldwell | January 16, 2015

Is there any value in the waste your business generates? Chances are good the answer is a definite YES. In previous blog posts, we've discussed why diverting as much weight away from your solid waste stream and into your single-stream recycling saves money on trash hauling bills. Simply put, commercial single-stream is cheaper to dispose of than solid waste because there are no tipping fees. For every ton of waste you move from the trash to the recycling stream, you save an average of $45. Take a look at your company's waste bill. How many tons do you pay to have hauled each month? You could be literally throwing money away. 

Your waste partner makes money by sorting your recyclable commodities into grades and selling them to manufacturers. But if you generate enough of any recyclable commoditity, it's cost-effective to invest in the equipment to grade and weigh them yourself. The rebate you negotiate from your waste partner is added revenue for your company. You may be surprised what you can recycle: even foam packing and shrink wrap have value in today's market. 

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Get Rid of Your Trash (Cans)

By Maggie Caldwell | January 2, 2015

Does any business really need trash cans? Not including those in the bathrooms and any breakroom, kitchen, and/or cafeteria, of course - some items really do have to be thrown away. But take a look in the garbage bins around your workplace. What do you see? Mostly paper products, most likely: receipts, faxes, old documents, printer cartridge wrappers . . . do you see anything there there that can't be recycled?

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Benefits of Commercial Single Stream Recycling

By Maggie Caldwell | October 24, 2014

Did you know your company can save money on waste hauling charges? DIVERSION is the key. Companies large and small in any business sector - whether manufacturing or distribution, wholesale or retail, eduction or tourism and more - CAN PROFIT by moving every ounce of weight away from the trash cans and into single-stream recycling bins. You may find you don't even need trash cans anymore

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