Waste Management Tip: Bale More to Save Money


You mean I can bale that, too?? Most businesses these days use their balers for cardboard only. If YOU'RE also using your baler for other materials like stretch film or other plastics, pat yourself on the back, because you have a leg up on the competition.

bale1.jpgWaste management pros know that the most expensive thing being hauled in your garbage is nothing at allAir from large fluffy materials like plastics, broken pallets, foam, fiberglass, paper towels, and even crumpled paper is costing you more money than you realize. If your company has invested in a baler, you are missing a big opportunity by not looking into baling your commercial trash. If you are still on the fence about investing in one, pay attention, because this is going to be shocking. Start by separating all liquids and hazardous material from your waste, remove all of your recyclables, and then shove the rest of that mess in that baler! You can also compact your waste; either way, you cut down dramatically on your hauling needs. And THAT saves you money. You don't even need to make large bales; make smaller, easier-to-handle bales with the same machine to save just as much money.

bale2.jpgRecently we began working with a local company that insulates train cars. In the process of their production line they were filling up a 40-yard open top once or twice a day with fiberglass. This is a garbage company’s favorite kind of customer: they get two automated pickups every single day, and they take the material straight to the landfill. In an effort to explain the full impact a baler could have to help them save money, we suggested a trial load to quantify their possible savings. Although the bale we made wasn't the prettiest and could have been cleaned up with some cardboard on the outside to help with the integrity, that one bale contains all the material in ONE entire 40-yard open top.

Bottom line: that 40-yard open top holds 8 OF THESE BALES! This company could save the price of seven hauls, which equaled a savings of well over $6,500/month just on hauling costs.

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Think about your boss’ face when you tell him you know how to cut your waste bill in half!

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