San Antonio, Texas

The San Antonio Federal International facility is located in San Antonio, TX.  Our areas of expertise included multi-material recycling, comprehensive office paper recycling programs, confidential document, multimedia and product destruction, material marketing services/brokerage, specialized recycling equipment, installation, leasing and support services, transportation services, waste audits, managed services including waste removal, recycling consulting, program development and recycling program training.  We have the ability to customize and tailor recycling programs to meet our clients needs making it mutually beneficial for all involved. After a complete review of your company needs, we will make recommendations on how best to reduce your waste stream and increase your recycling.  The proposal that we offer will encompass all parts of your program from equipment to pricing for each commodity we suggest diverting from your waste stream.    We have the ability to place an array of equipment to include standard walk-on compactors, fully-enclosed compactors, horizontal and vertical balers, tubs, and trailers at your location for all of your recycling, document destruction and waste needs. 

Federal International will work to establish baselines that let you better understand your recycling performance, allowing you to understand where to focus your efforts and on the commodities that offer you the highest return.  By taking your waste stream and analyzing the total volume of waste we can extrapolate information to determine what commodity should first be removed away from the waste stream and diverted to a recycling stream.  Customizing a program to fit your needs will provide you the financial justification outlook combined with recycling rebates, diversion impact, and a further reduction in waste costs.  We believe from our 100 years of experience in the industry that we must align our objectives with your initiatives as this part of the process is sometimes overlooked.  If service is your issue, then we will focus on service.  If waste reduction or cost are your hot button issues, then we can direct our attention to those issues that are causing your company the most grief, time, and loss of productivity. 

Why Federal International? With over 100 years of industry experience we are San Antonio’s smart solution for recycling and waste.  Our professional management, plant and administrative team have years of experience in the recycling industry and can provide information promptly and professionally.  Our goal is to provide customers with sustainable solutions for all of their recycling and waste management needs through developing creative recycling and waste solutions.  We want to be your preferred vendor for all of your recycling, destruction and waste requirements.


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